Introduction to My Blog

Cycling saved my life.  This blog is about cycling and depression.

I have been cycling since July 2000, when a friend, Dovid Efune, challenged me to participate in a charity bike ride from Chichester to Hove in aid of the local Jewish primary school that my children attended at that time.  I told him that I would do so if he could provide me with a bicycle.  He duly did so, and I have been cycling ever since.

I could allow you to believe that I am some whippet-thin racing bike fanatic, who has a bike racing licence and eats energy gels on 80 mile training rides in all weathers.  Not so.  Although I have acquired a number of bicycles over the past ten years, for the past three and a half years I have mainly been riding ‘Hewie’ – a Dawes Horizon touring bike.

Despite it’s name, my blog will not be a techie stream of conciousness about cogs and carbon fibre, handlebar tape and training routines.  Rather it will be the random musings of a depressed cyclist, who loves reading, is also  writing not one, but two books (not about cycling), and poetry.

I would like to thank my friend Lynda Nurse for setting up this blog for me – see I am as far from techie as it is possible to be, and still live in the 21st century.  I warmly recommend a visit to her website:, and her blog:

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6 Responses to Introduction to My Blog

  1. Ivan Lyons says:

    I remember that bike ride too – the day that poor Dovid fell off! Was it that long ago? Keep up the cycling. So many people give up working on their body when married, yet nourishing the body is as important (if not more) than nourishing the soul or the wallet.


  2. Tony Hewson says:

    This is one of the most interesting bike blogs I’ve read. For a start, it had never occurred to me before that cycling could be a life-saver —-life-enhancer, yes —-but I can see if someone suffers from depression then healthy exercise in the open air and the beauty of the English countryside might well keep one in balance, circling the rim but not plunging into the black abyss of despair. Certainly, for me as a writer, I have to say that some of my best ideas have come to me whilst running or riding my bike.

    Nick, I would like you to tell us about your books —– and how about a taste of your poetry please?


  3. Hello you there – Shortly, I hope to have a book ‘A Bike ride through my Life’ – Printed so that you and many others can understand how a life time involved with bikes and all things cycling can suddenly.overnight END I have written now just over 197,000 words. But now we live in sunny southern Spain, for over 4 years on a UK State Pension and now, we feel every day ‘In Paradise’ and …. If any body had told me in 1999, that this is where I would end up I would have probably have rained blows allover their body with my bike pump – Happy Cycling Keep you very young and my rule – One banana every 10 miles Frank


  4. Webmaster says:

    Tony Hewson sent details of your blog which I have put onto our site, hope this helps.


  5. S says:

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!


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